Adolescent Health

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A Guide to Trauma-Informed Pediatric Primary Care
The purpose of this document is to serve as a practical guide to implementing trauma-informed care practices in Pediatric primary care clinics.
Adolescent Health, Mental Health, Trauma Informed Care Toolkit Report
New Hampshire Children and Teens Experiencing Mental Health Disorders: An Analysis of 2019 Healthcare Claims Data
MCAP funded this analysis of 2019 pediatric medical and pharmacy claims data from commercial and NH Medicaid payers.
Adolescent Health, Mental Health Report
NH Teen and Young Adult Well-care Resource Toolkit
Author: Holly Tutko and Hwasun Garin
Publication Date: March 2021
Adolescent Health Tool/Resource
LGBTQ+ Resource Guide for Youth and Families
Author: NHPIP Staff
Publication Date: September 2018
Adolescent Health Tool/Resource