NH MCAP works with a team of child and adolescent psychiatrists, licensed clinicians, and care coordinators to provide teleconsultations to NH’s pediatric primary care providers. Consults are provided by phone, during regular business hours.  

This service is re-launching in Spring 2024. Click here to be notified when teleconsults become available. 

How does it work?  

  1. PCP needs support (patient-specific or general) managing pediatric behavioral health (e.g., diagnosis, medication, treatment options)  
  2. Primary care staff contacts NH MCAP, noting:
  3. PCP’s preferred time(s) for return call 
  4. Patient demographic data 
  5. NH MCAP Consulting Provider returns call to PCP to complete consult*. 

*Time spent preparing and completing consultation can be billed by the PCP using 99452* 

NH MCAP is available to work with your practice to support use of the teleconsults including workflow support, provider education, and more!  


  1. What kind of questions are in scope for this program? 
  2. What are other providers calling about? 
  3. What’s the best way to frame my question? 
  4. How long will a call take? 
  5. How do I bill for this? 
  6. What if I need a response right away? 
  7. How does NH MCAP manage patient data?