Strategic Intents, Values, and Funding

 The NHPIP focuses its initial quality improvement work in the following areas:

  •     Developmental screening,
  •     Behavioral/mental health,
  •     Oral health, as well as
  •     Emerging child health issue


Strategic Intents and Values

Our current work is centered on:

  1. Promoting awareness of and interest in pediatric care quality measurement, projects, and resources. The NHPIP has developed a one-pager about the NHPIP mission, vision, and strategic intents which can be found on our publications page.

  2.  Facilitating dialogue to identify and act upon pediatric care quality opportunities in NH. NHPIP identified adolescent health as an issue of focus for the NHPIP Steering Committee. Members of the Steering Committe interested in adolescent health met to discuss systems level barriers to adolescent health in NH and took part in collective learning, action, and measurement.

  3. Conducting and/or collaborating with others on pediatric quality improvement projects. For a list of current NHPIP Projects, go to our Current Projects page.

In conducting our work, the NHPIP upholds the following values:

  • Being committed to conducting high value, high quality projectwork.

  • Being measurement driven.

  • Focusing on improving the use of interventions with a solid evidence base of effectiveness in practice-based settings.  

  • Selecting projects that address priority health/healthcare issues for NH children.   

  • Conducting our work in a multi-disciplinary fashion.

  • Operating in a spirit of collaboration not competition.  .

  • Adhering to principles of health data confidentiality.

  • Sharing knowledge and information gained in the interest of child betterment.

Current and Previous Funders