Crisis Resources

If you or someone you care about is experiencing a mental health and/or substance use crisis, there is support available via call, text, or chat. Below you will find information about two options; no matter which option you choose, you will be connected to someone who can help.

Call/text 988 or chat 

For a local response every time, call the NH Rapid Response Access Point at 833-710-6477

What is 988?

  • 988 is the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
  • Anonymous and available 24/7
  • Calls and texts to 988 are routed by area code
    • Calls from an NH area code will reach a call center in NH
    • Calls from other area codes will reach a call center in the corresponding state

What is NHRRAP?

  • New Hampshire Rapid Response Access Point (NHRRAP) is the centralized contact center for anyone experiencing a mental health and/or substance abuse crisis in New Hampshire
  • You can text or call NHRRAP at 833-710-6477 or chat at
  • Anonymous and available 24/7
  • For a local response every time, call NH Rapid Response instead of 988

Types of Services

Depending on your needs, NH call centers can:

  • Offer over the phone support and problem solving to help resolve a behavioral health crisis
  • Refer you to outpatient services or inpatient treatment options
  • Send a team member from a community mental health center to meet you
  • Provide rapid response follow-up appointments that include crisis intervention services

For more information about these two resources, visit Behavioral Health | New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (