Current Projects

Trauma-Informed Care in Pediatrics Project

New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation has provided generous grant funding to the NHPIP to conduct the Trauma-informed Care in Pediatrics Project.  The goals of this project are to:

1. Increase pediatric general practitioner knowledge about trauma-informed care and existing tools to support addressing trauma in primary care settings.

To achieve this goal, provision of a one-hour training on Trauma-Informed Care is being provided to 12 pediatric primary care practices in targeted geographic areas of the state. 

2. Support five pediatric primary care clinics in using quality improvement principles to pilot process(es) to detect and respond to patients experiencing toxic stress.

The five practices are in Coos County, Concord, Nashua, and the Monadnock area. Each practice is receiving quality improvement coaching and tools, advanced trainings on trauma-informed care, and access to trauma clinician experts to develop and pilot a workflow to screen for and respond to adverse childhood experiences/trauma at selected well-child care visits. 

While the NHPIP works with the five practices over 15 months, the above noted introductory training as well as the advanced trainings will be made available for the public on our resources page. At project conclusion, NHPIP will also release a Practice Step-by-Step Guide  for clinics interested in integrating adversity/trauma screening into their preventive care visits.  

This project will run through fall 2021. 

NH Mental Health Care in Pediatrics (NH MCAP) Project 

NH MCAP logo

In collaboration with the NH Maternal Child Health Bureau, the NH Pediatric Improvement Partnership is conducting the NH Mental Health Access In Pediatrics (NH MCAP) Project. Funded by a multi-year Health Resources and Services Administration Cooperative Agreement, the goal of NH MCAP is to promote behavioral health integration in pediatric primary care by:1) training and supporting NH's health care providers to identify and care for children with pediatric mental health conditions; 2) enabling front-line health providers to receive provider teleconsultation services about the identification and treatment of children with a mental health condition; 3) enhancing the delivery of services through the creation of a referral directory of pediatric mental/behavioral health services and supports.

NHPIP is responsible for conducting a three-pronged effort for this project.  These three strategies include:

  • Annual implementation of the NH MCAP ECHO® series. The Project ECHO© model is an evidence-based method to support community providers in improving their ability to manage patients with complex conditions. Developed by researchers at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Project ECHO© is an interdisciplinary model that uses web-based videoconferencing to link specialist teams with community-based practice sites to increase their knowledge, skills, and confidence through short didactics coupled with case-based learning. 
    • The 2020 NH MCAP ECHO series is focusing on pediatric depression and anxiety.  These monthly 1.5 hour sessions are scheduled from March-December 2020. When available, we will post recordings/slides of didactic presentations from the monthly ECHO sessions on the publication/resource section of the NHPIP Website.  
  • The second major strategy focuses on implementing a Teleconsult Service Model (TSM).  The TSM will support pediatric primary care clinicians in accessing appropriate NH Project MCAP faculty experts for telephonic or videoconference teleconsults about specific pediatric patients. Clinicians participating in the NH MCAP ECHO Series are eligible for teleconsults. 
  • This third strategy includes developing and updating annually a Referral Directory of local agencies and organizations offering pediatric mental/behavioral health services.  

This project will run through September 2023.