Submission #14660

Children Breathe Beautifully: Improving the Management of Pediatric Asthma
Tracy Matteson
Executive Director
Physicians Association of Rochester
Toddlers (> 1yr to 3 yrs), Preschoolers (>3yrs- 6 yrs), Elementary age children (>6-10 yrs), Tweens (>10-13 yrs), Teens (>13-18)
Physicians Associate of Rochester, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
1) Decrease the utilization of ED and UCC for the management of asthma with created emphasis on specific (routine) Asthma focused visits
2) Increase the number of pediatric asthma visits referred to the primary care office a) after an Emergent event and b) for asthma focused visits for the
pediatric asthma population for appropriate updates to medications, and asthma action plans if needed.
3) Improve the communication methods between the ED/UCC and pediatrics offices to improve the rate of follow up and asthma management.
4) Update and encourage new teaching materials and spacers within the offices for onsite and at home education.
5) Improve communication with the local school nurses to ensure that they remain a part of the team with the asthma action plans and provide 2 spacers
and pulse ox machine as part of asthma action plan.
6) Improve overall medication adherence through better understanding of maintenance medications and proper usage of spacers with inhalers.
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