Submission #14651

Learn the Signs Act Early Online Curriculum Project
Jen Doris M. Ed
Ambassador for The Learn The Signs. Act Early Campaign.
NH Council on Autism's Screening and Diagnosis Workgroup
Developmental Screening, Behavioral Health-autism
1. Infant (< one year) 2. Toddler (>1 yr to 3 yrs) 3. Preschoolers (>3yrs to 6 yrs)
UNH LEND, Special Medical Services, NH FC-ESS, Easter Seals, and others as represented on the Screening and Diagnosis Workgroup, Watch Me Grow
The NH Department of Health and Human Services' Special Medical Services Office had received a small grant along with 2 funded Ambassadors (one is currently funded) through CDC to foster increased universal screening in NH by using the CDC's Learn the Signs. Act Early (LTSAE) campaign. The goals identified are as follows:
Project Goal #1: Raise public awareness among families and providers that serve young children regarding early childhood development and possible concerns.

Project Goal #2: A wide range of providers that serve young children and their families will be trained regarding universal developmental screening, tools and activities.

Project Goal #3: Families, self-advocates, and providers will have the information they need regarding services and resources for effective collaboration among all team members throughout the State of NH.
This process is to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of best practice information about early and effective developmental screening and diagnosis, including referral recommendations and resources for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders/developmental disabilities.
1. COMMUNITY setting (for ex, WIC clinic, child care centers, etc) 2. Home based visiting programs
1. To date a total of 3000 brochures (2800 English, 200 Spanish) and 1000 Milestone Moments booklets (980 English, 20 Spanish) have been distributed.
2. Presentation on LTSAE across the states to various providers including FC- Early supports and services, home visiting staff, preschool/childcare providers etc.
3. Materials shared and distributed by anyone that requests them
4. Participation and partnership with Watch Me Grow in distributing the information to families
5. Share and increase participation of Primary Care and Pediatricians in using the FREE ACT Curriculum for CMEs' by participating online
6. Share new Child Care Curriculum throughout the state to engage and promote the materials with families.
Child care providers now have screening tools (ASQ3, ASQ 3 SE) as well as developmental information to share with families from the LTSAE and Watch Me Grow initiatives

Pediatricians and Primary Care Providers are not always providing families with useful information on development. LTSAE materials can be utilized to assist with the medical home model and providing families this information

Not many people are accessing the Free CME credits with the ACT curriculum online. Unsure of the barriers

Other places that children are located need to be involved in utilizing developmental material such as libraries and other locations throughout the state of NH .