Submission #14643

ADAPT Project
Carl Cooley
Chief Medical Officer
Crotched Mountain Foundation
Developmental Screening
Infant (< one year), Toddler (>1 yr to 3 yrs), Preschoolers (>3yrs to 6 yrs)
NH Dept. of Education, Crotched Mountain, Lilac City Pediatrics, Coos County Family Health Services, DH Nashua, DH Keene, DH Plymouth, Core Physician Healthcare Exeter, Huggins Hospital Pediatrics Wolfeboro
Late 1990s
Project purpose was to increase community awareness of the importance of developmental screening and to increase the skills of community pediatricians to conduct developmental screens. Developmental pediatrician would visit with local pediatrician to enhance their skills in developmental screening and then the two of them would visit preschool/early intervention sites to build communication between these two disciplines. During visits, developmental pediatrician would also conduct a community presentation about developmental pediatrics topics.
Community setting