Submission #14641

Autism Spectrum Disorder Collaborative in NH
Carl Cooley
Chief Medical Officer
Crotched Mountain Foundation
Behavioral Health - Autism
Toddler (>1 yr to 3 yrs)
The New Hampshire Leadership in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (NH LEND) and the Center for Medical Home Improvement. Practices involved: D-H Concord, D-H Manchester, D-H Keene, Coos County Family Health Services, Child Health Services, Exeter Pediatric Assoc, D-H Hudson, Plymouth Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, New London Pediatric Care Center, Merrimack Valley Pediatrics, Pediatric Associates in Portsmouth, Dover Pediatrics, Monadnock Regional Pediatrics, Concord Pediatrics, Grace Dentistry, Elliot Primary Care - Londonderry.
Project consisted of two consecutive nine-month learning collaboratives in 2009/2010 to improve the consistency with which 18 and 24-month children are screened for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  This pilot involved use of the MCHAT in combination with: a registry to track eligible and suspect children; guidelines for appropriate referral and follow-up; and, curricular content for participants on ASD.
Primary Care Practice setting
The 18 participating pediatric practices increased their screening rate from 53% to 93%.
Primary care practices serving young children are able to incorporate autism screening into their care process for 18 and 24 month old well-child visits with a high level of success.